Aire commune brings together a community of curious, spontaneous people who want to connect with other bright minds, by creating spaces, events and content to enjoy the urban hustle and bustle, from 9 to 5 to the 5@7.

Much more than a place, Aire commune is a unifying brand for an engaged Montreal community, sharing a common vision: reinventing work.
Our mission ? Making daily life interesting!

Our services

We create unique, memorable experiences.

Social and Cultural experience design

As an expert in the creation of pop-up spaces and the organization of events, the Aire commune team designs distinctive, attractive projects in order to encourage socialization and to enliven the urban experience.

Project management on public space

Aire commune carries the vision of an effervescent city energized by common areas that stand out from the ordinary. Ideation, production, development: all phases of a project are carried out by the versatile and ambitious team.

Animation and outdoor space operations

Aire commune also offers custom planning and event management services. We offer turnkey packages for individuals, organizations, or companies.

Îlot 84, the organization behind Aire commune, is a nonprofit whose mission is to enliven the urban experience by creating spaces and programming events.

Aire commune projects have in common to be innovative and to stimulate the ambition and spontaneity of its communities.

Oue team

The 2022 Aire commune team

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Marie-Pier Tessier De L'Étoile

General Manager

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Philippe Pelletier

Director of Programming and Public Relations

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Laurent Lussier

Production Manager

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Émilie Wake

Director of Sponsorship, Sales and Development

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Vincent Paquette

Director of Human Resources and Special Projects

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Marguerite Daigle Frenza

Administrative Director

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Florence Brassard

Marketing Coordinator

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Marjolaine Groulx

Director of Communication and Marketing

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Camille Landry

Event Producer

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Alex Lavigne

Head of Operations

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Emmanuelle Gagnon Rivest

Content and Social Media Coordinator

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Madeleine Perreault

Graphic Designer

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Anthony-Paul Belle-Isle

Accounting Clerk

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Claire Calsina

Tourism Project Manager

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Charles Cozy

Artistic programmer

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Samuel Cournoyer

Human Resources Manager

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Maïté Léa Kaliaguine

Commercialization Manager

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Working at Aire commune is like a constant adventure. You will be listened to and valued, while having the chance to be part of the production of major events. Join the team!

The job culture at

Our story



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First edition of Aire commune in Mile End. We receive 10,000 visitors in one month during this pilot project.


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The Aire commune Mile End project consolidates. We receive 87,000 visitors in four months and the project generates $900,000 in economic benefits.


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A record year! Opening and creation of three new locations in Montreal. Over 100,000 visitors during the summer season and $2.8 million in economic benefits.


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The pandemic is hitting us with full force. We decided to set up the first pilot project of the Îlots d'été network with a single location, which was a great success!


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Return of two animated locations welcoming 10,000 visitors. Creation of the Îlots d'été network with over 28 outdoor coworking spaces on the island of Montreal. Îlots d'été attracts 30,000 visitors and generates $150,000 in economic spin-offs.


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Back in force this year with four animated spaces in Montreal, 40 summer islands and the Aire commune centre-ville project. Stay tuned!