Îlots d'été

The Réseau Îlots d'été, powered by Aire commune, offers free outdoor workspaces throughout the summer season. The facilities are specially designed for outdoor remote work and strategically positioned in various Montreal neighborhoods. This summer, our network includes 20 cabins across Montreal and 2 stations d'été specially designed for outdoor meetings.

  • FREE WI-FI 7 AM - 10 PM


Aire commune is pushing the limits of greendesking by offering for the very first time a spring workspace! The comfort of our “Stations d’été” meeting rooms has been redesigned to allow users to work while enjoying the scenery of downtown Montreal, even in cool weather.

Learn more about the Station Place Ville Marie

This project is part of the “I love to workdowntown” initiative, propelled by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal with support from the Gouvernement du Québec. This project is also made possible through the financial contribution of Nouveau Centre by Ivanhoe Cambridge.

Montréal : capital of greendesking

Following its impressive success in recent years, the Réseau Îlots d'été of outdoor workspaces continues to grow! In 2023, we're pushing back the boundaries of greendesking with 20 cabins and 2 stations d'été specially designed for your outdoor meetings. Îlots d'été becomes the largest network of outdoor workspaces in North America and positions Montreal as a world leader in greendesking.

Aire commune is the first outdoor co-working and event site to be launched in North America. The Îlots d’été network is the result of several years of expertise in outdoor workspace design.

The Réseau Îlots d’été 2023 is made possible thanks to the financial support of Fizz, Mouvement Desjardins and the Gouvernement du Québec.

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Our workspaces

Station Place Ville Marie

This year, Aire commune pushes the limits of greendesking with the implementation of the Station Place Ville Marie, which offers two heated and insulated meeting rooms, in order to provide an outdoor work experience, even in cool weather.

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Îlots d'été

Pairing urban development and greendesking, the Îlots are small booths with powerful Wi-Fi, electricity, and integrated lighting that allow users to work outdoors safely. The Îlots are accessible for free, in self-service mode.

Map of the Îlots d'été network

Why work outdoors?

Increased creativity, improved mental energy, diminished stress: there are many benefits to greendesking whether it is practised in a natural or urban setting.

  • Combat the isolation and psychological distress of workers
  • Beneficial for creativity and focus
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • A stimulating, lively environment